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Garage Door Spring Repair Hayward CA

Garage door springs are the heart of the garage door system. They create the necessary force to open the garage door with ease. The reason you can open a garage door with your hands is because of the work the springs do. They create the force and the cables balance it out. There are 2 different types of springs that are generally used for garage doors. These include the extension and the torsion springs. You can read more about them below.

Garage Door Spring Repair Hayward CAExtension Springs normally are beside the garage door. They are next to tracks for a sectional or just the arms on a one-piece garage door system. They are slightly cheaper than torsion springs. Although, they are almost as durable. But they can’t lift heavier garage doors. Nevertheless, the life of the springs can be extended by lubricating them with garage door lubricant.

Torsion Springs are above the garage door and are compatible with all garage door openers. Unlike the extension springs, they’re much thicker. As well as, more tightly wound to produce a lot more tension. This allows the torsion spring to lift much heavier garage doors than the extension springs. In other words, if your garage door is heavier, these are the springs for you.

New Spring Installation

Torsion Springs and Extension Springs

Springs as mentioned above play an instrumental part to the garage door system. If not, the most instrumental part. But because they are the reason you can lift the garage door easily. They produce a lot of force. This potential energy is constantly present in your garage door springs. As a result, they are very dangerous to work with. They can seriously harm your arm when removing them. As well as, when you are placing a new spring.

Because it’s a dangerous job, give us a call! Our technicians are professionals and work with springs all the time. This experience allows them to safely remove and install new springs safely. Don’t wait until your garage door springs damage the rest of your garage, call us today!

Cable Services

garage door cable repairGarage door cables work with the springs to balance the garage door. We mentioned this earlier when introducing the springs. The cables ensure that when the opener begins to move the garage door. The weight on the garage door springs will be balanced equally. Often if the door is not balanced the garage door will start to produce odd sounds. If left unattended long enough. The garage door cables could snap. Additionally, the garage door springs could go as well. To avoid these issues give us a call. We’re available 24/7 to assist you in all matters that pertain to garage doors.


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